Hypothyroidism or a low functioning thyroid gland is the most common endocrine disease in dogs. Symptoms include: Weight gain lethargy fur loss, especially on the tail (rat-tail) thinning haircoat seborrhea, dry, flaky skin “sad” facial expression heat seeking mental dullness exercise intolerant It is more common in medium to large breed dogs, although any dog … Read more

Canine Influenza

Canine Influenza or dog flu has been in the news a great deal over the last year.  Canine Influenza is caused by one of two strains of the virus, H3N8 and H3N2.  These are highly contagious diseases easily spread from infected dogs through direct contact, nasal secretions(coughing and sneezing), food bowls, kennel surfaces and people. … Read more

Essential Oils in Cats

It seems everyone is using essential oils for presumed health benefits.  The problem is that cats have a unique way of metabolizing products in their liver.  Therefore many items that are safe for humans or dogs may be toxic to cats. Some essential oils that are toxic to your cat include: cinnamon oil citrus oil … Read more

Miracle Dog

Meet Oliver! Oliver is a Golden Retriever that was born with a forelimb(front leg) deformity. Because of the abnormality, he was only able to use three legs! Dr. Donovan, with the help of Orthopets, was able to fit him with a “boot” designed to allow him to safely put his weight on his deformed limb. … Read more

Disaster Preparedness

Since September is National Disaster Preparedness Month and with all of the natural disasters occurring over the last few weeks, we must remember to include our pets in our disaster planning. The AVMA has created a checklist of supplies for your pet evacuation kit. a several day supply of food and fresh water a supply … Read more

Hairballs in Cats

Every cat owner has at some time either woken to the sound of your cat bringing up a hairball or stepped on one first thing in the morning.  I know that both have happened to me since I have four cats at home.  Hairballs are fairly common in cats, especially long-haired cats, and they are … Read more

Fourth of July

Although for us the Fourth of July is synonymous with summer fun, for our pets it can be one of the most dangerous and frightening days of the year. More pets are lost on the fourth of July than any other day of the year. Some general rules to follow: Make sure your pet is … Read more

Ride for Roswell

The Ride for Roswell is an annual cycling event that raises money for cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Every one of us has either lost someone to this terrible disease or know someone actively battling cancer. The Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital has had a team, the Animaniacs, entered in the Ride for Roswell for … Read more

Enrich and Improve your Cats life

Most of our cats, including mine, are indoor cats.  We presume they have a comfortable and happy life.  However, a truly happy cat is stimulated by their environment.  Cats need to be able to express their instincts on a daily basis. Cats are explorers and predators.  We need to provide ways for our indoor cats … Read more

Holiday Safety tips

  The Holidays are an exciting and magical time of year for you and your family. However, they can also be filled with many potential hazards for your pets. With some simple safeguards, you can prevent a tragedy and keep your pets safe.   Unfortunately, several of the plants that make the holidays beautiful can … Read more