Ride for Roswell

The Ride for Roswell is an annual cycling event that raises money for cancer research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.  Every one of us has either lost someone to this terrible disease or know someone actively battling cancer. The Cheektowaga Veterinary Hospital has had a team, the Animaniacs, entered in the Ride for Roswell for … Read more

Enrich and Improve your Cats life

Most of our cats, including mine, are indoor cats.  We presume they have a comfortable and happy life.  However, a truly happy cat is stimulated by their environment.  Cats need to be able to express their instincts on a daily basis. Cats are explorers and predators.  We need to provide ways for our indoor cats … Read more

Holiday Safety tips

  The Holidays are an exciting and magical time of year for you and your family. However, they can also be filled with many potential hazards for your pets. With some simple safeguards, you can prevent a tragedy and keep your pets safe.   Unfortunately, several of the plants that make the holidays beautiful can … Read more

Halloween Hazards

Halloween can be a very fun and festive time of year for many families and their children.  However, this can be one of the most dangerous holidays for your pet.  There are many hazards associated with Halloween.  The following are a few items to be wary of to help your pet have a safe and … Read more


Seizures in your Pet Seizures are not an uncommon occurrence in both dogs and cats. Witnessing your family friend having a seizure can be a very frightening thing. Most seizures last less than two minutes, however, when you are watching they seem significantly longer.   A single short seizure is rarely life threatening. A pet … Read more

High Blood Pressure in Cats

  High blood pressure or hypertension is fairly common in cats, especially older cats.  Most cats have no obvious signs of disease until there is a sudden problem. A hypertensive cat is at constant risk for brain, kidney, heart and eye damage. Long term hypertension will increase the  workload on the heart, predisposing to thickening … Read more

It is Tick season!!!

In the last couple of years, we have seen a SIGNIFICANT rise in the number of animals presenting with ticks attached to them. These are pets that live in Cheektowaga and the surrounding areas.  Ticks are no longer confined to wooded rural areas! This spring, in a tick sweep in Niagara County, 80% of the … Read more

Indoor Cats and Rabies Vaccines

One of the most common questions that I receive is “Why does my indoor cat need a rabies vaccine?” It is the law!  All cats healthy enough to receive vaccinations are required by law in Erie County to receive a Rabies vaccination. Rabies in cats is on the rise mainly due to owners not having … Read more

Easter Holiday Hazards

Although most of us are looking forward to springtime and Easter celebrations, we need to take a few precautions to ensure a safe celebration for our pets. The most common treat for our children at Easter time is chocolate. However, chocolate can be highly toxic to pets. Theobromine is the ingredient in chocolate that makes … Read more

Chocolate Toxicity

Chocolate is one of the most common toxins that dogs and cats are exposed to.  The primary reason is that most of us have some sort of chocolate in our homes everyday.  Whether it is that chocolate chip cookie, candy bar, or chocolate we use to bake with, it is everywhere. The ingredient in chocolate … Read more