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You should take steps to ensure your pets’ health during the cold season

  • Have a physical exam done on your pet and discuss your pet’s particular risks
  • Keep an emergency kit for your pet available with extra food, water, medication
  • Make sure your pet can be identified if lost.  I recommend all pets be microchipped.
  • Depending on your pets coat, consider sweaters and booties to protect them.
  • Remember even arctic breeds such as Huskies/Malamutes/Akitas can still suffer from cold related injuries and frostbite.
  • In extreme cols, even outdoor pets MUST stay inside.
  • Shorten your walks in very cold weather
  • use only pet friendly deicing products
  • As with extreme heat, do not leave a pet in a car during the cold weather
  • Wipe down your pets’ paws when they come inside to remove packed snow, ice and any deicing materials

With proper limitations and cautions, your pet can still enjoy our winter wonderland!