Essential Oils in Cats

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It seems everyone is using essential oils for presumed health benefits.  The problem is that cats have a unique way of metabolizing products in their liver.  Therefore many items that are safe for humans or dogs may be toxic to cats.

Some essential oils that are toxic to your cat include:

  • cinnamon oil
  • citrus oil
  • clove oil
  • eucalyptus oil
  • pennyroyal oil
  • peppermint oil
  • wintergreen oil
  • sweet birch oil
  • pine oils
  • tree tea oils
  • ylang ylang oil

The ASPCA Poison Control center recommends avoiding the use of essentail oils around your cat unless your veterinarian has approved of them.

There can be two problems with essential oils in cats: direct skin irritant effect and respiratory irritation.

Even if you do not apply the oil directly onto the skin, droplets of oil can be put into the air, get onto the cats coat, which will then be groomed off.

Not all oils are bad so check with your veterinarian before using any on or around your cat.

Some potential signs of toxicity inclyde:

  • vomiting
  • respiratory difficulty
  • low body temperature
  • lethargy
  • drooling
  • tremors

If you see any of these symptoms or suspect a toxicity, call your veterinarian immediately